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April 20th &

May 24th



Steva & The Divas are a band from The South Okanagan, BC that play a variety of genres; mostly Glam, New Wave, Art Rock, Post Punk, Rockabilly, Psyche, Soul and Disco. By day they play acoustic lounge versions of covers & originals

At night The Sativa Divas transform into an edgy rock band with even more glam a bit of & sometimes Steva's alter alter ego will appear in drag. The current members of the band are.

Guitar & Vocals - Stevo  Prowse / Steva McQueen The Tonguesten Fairy.

Guitar & Vocals -

Bass & Vocals    -

Drums & Vocals - 


Multi Instrumentalist Ms.? The Mysterian - Keys, Sax,Trumpet, Clarinet, Cello, Flute & vocals

We are currently seeking a 5th member in the near future who can play Keyboards/Synth & Sax. Who can also sing.

If you think you wanna be a Diva give us a call 250 490 5740

Steva & The Divas, Steva & The Sativa Divas have 3 albums 4 singles & an E.P out on all music platforms.

The first album Polychrome Set Vol. 1 (Spin Ups) is an 11 song collection of covers from some of Steva's favourite artists including Bowie, T-Rex, Sweeney Todd, Joy Division, Blondie and more.

This album is part one of a 3 album set, 3 years in the making.

A main collaborator, and producer, Tex Silver was instrumental in bringing Polychrome Sets 1, 2 & 3 & The 2 new Mashup singles Dr. Block Genie & Sleazy Brixton Games & the 2020 E.P. by Steva & The Sativa Divas into fruition, where he co-engineered, mixed, mastered and played bass, keys, midi and effects.

And special thanks to Rene (Gypsy) Schmidt, lead guitar on Roxy Roller and Rat Race.

The Polychrome Set Volume 2 is a collection of original material. Chill Lounge instrumentals. With a little bit of Soul, Ska, Reggae & Disco undertones.

The Polychrome Set Volume 3 is Glam New Wave and Electronica. All Original with the exception of an instrumental version of Bowie's Velvet Goldmine.Smhain Waltz evoke's The Stranglers & Psyche Sitar Guitar sounds like it could have been left off The Clash's Sandinista album. The track I Want You is Stevo doing Devo. 
If you love music from the mid-70s to the early 80s, and you like to dance, you will love The Divas!
Steva started his music career in 1982 in Penticton, BC with his schoolmates Jim Doug and Rob. Steva and Rob went on to form a Psychobilly band The Dead Cats in Vancouver, BC in 1983 with Beef on drums.

In 1986, Steva and Rob joined the Hard Rock Miners. During this time, Steva also played in lesser known bands: The A-Men, The Mystery Girls, Za Za The Zooms, and Piston Baroque.

Steva moved back to Penticton in 1993 and entered his so-called shamanic period, where he ran a 2000 sq. ft meeting space art gallery and stage for musicians called The Hub of The Wheel.

He was a mainstay at The Elite Friday night open mic where he occasionally hosted & fronted the house band The Elitists from 2005 to 2018.

We only have bits of the 2020 E.P. & All of Poly 1 for your listening pleasure

If you want to hear full catalogue go to spotify itunes or other online formats.

2 Bonus url's   copy & paste to browser    Qi30butdPICf6VlwcF4                             


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